Loving the Little Years- Book Study!

Family, Mothering / Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Look what I just got in the mail today!!

I am so excited to read this book!

As it says on ChristianBookPreviews.com:

Who would dare to write such a book as this? The mother of five children under five years of age, two of which are twins, that’s who! Rachel Jankovic knows what she is talking about. She also knows Who to turn to when life gets too much for her. Just consider this Rachel quote, “I am looking back in retrospect on nursing the twins in the park with a blanket between my teeth” (p. 12). Chapter one is titled, “Welcome to my Circus.” If you have a circus of your own, or are contemplating one, Loving the Little Years is for you. The subjects covered in this gem include: God, you, your spouse, and those dear little sinners: your children; bickering; growing the Fruit of the Spirit in your particular hot house; constant, year-round attention; growth spurts; grabby hands and hearts; discipline; expectations; graham crackers under the furniture which can only be seen when you have collapsed from exhaustion; and much, much more.
I’m a grandma now, I also teach a little enclave of four year olds – Loving the Little Years is spot on. You won’t get it any truer or funnier or more encouraging than this. Read it (in spurts, when you grab a few minutes); you will love it! – Donna Eggett, www.ChristianBookPreviews.com

Who would like to join me?

CBD is offering the book on sale right now…

227568: Loving the Little Years Loving the Little Years

By Rachel Jankovic / Canon Press

Written by a mother of 5 children, all under the age of five, Loving the Little Years is a collection of thoughts, encouragement, and practical help for mothers of young children. Rachel Jankovic talks about addressing your child’s “heart matters” instead of always playing the referee. On a day when you are discouraged, tired, or feeling like nothing works, this book will inspire and give witness to what it is to look like, feel like, and act like a mother walking with God. Paperback.

Amazon also carries the paperback…

or  PDF version for your computer or Kindle.


Beginning Saturday August 20th I will be starting a book study of Loving the Little Years.  I will be posting each Saturday some of my thoughts on what we have read. For those of you who blog I will open it up for a blog hop.  Those of you that don’t, I hope you will comment away!

Spread the word!  I am so excited!

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