Loving the Little Years- Chapter Four

Family, Mothering / Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Last week there were some very thought provoking nuggets in reading this little book. This week I only had time to read one chapter, the “Fruit of the Spirit Speed Quiz”. Again, it was a blessing to be reminded of some very important things.

Namely, noticing and encouraging the little bits of progression we see in our children.

I tend to focus so often on correcting my children for their faults and forget to encourage the many ways in which they are making progress. I need to remember that they are on a path of sanctification, just as I am. Their struggles seem so small to me, but to their little souls they are big struggles. When they have victory over these in little ways, do I notice it? Do I seek to encourage them? Or am I on to the next area they need to be mortifying in their lives?

“It is very easy for us to forget about the progress they make and to ignore the problems that they no longer wrestle with….Oftentimes we don’t even notice that they aren’t doing it, because something else has replaced it, and we are now too busy nagging them [about that new thing]. Try to notice these little mile markers on the path of sanctification.”

This little lesson is a big one for me. I correct, I instruct, I teach…

but how often do I praise?

In my busyness to keep things running, there is so much to deal with in the way of attitudes and errant ways,

But do I stop to notice the little progresses?

Food for thought for me and maybe for you.

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227568: Loving the Little Years Loving the Little Years



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