Loving the Little Years- Chapters 1-3

Family, Mothering / Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Welcome to week one of my book study on this little, but encouraging book!  As a mother of seven I  have had my share of the little years and with a 4 month old I am beginning it all over again!

Let me just say, this book is so refreshing to read.  I could write posts on several different topics based on what I have read this week.  But, I will limit myself to a few thoughts.  🙂

  • “I did not write this book because mothering little ones is easy for me.  I wrote it because it isn’t.”

Yes, yes, yes!  I am in the same boat here with A Mother’s Heritage.  The things I write on this blog are things that I need.  And if you have read about me, you will have heard me say such.  Aren’t we all in the trenches of this beautiful, but blessed journey!?  The soldier that comes alongside you in the battle and helps you run, means so much more to you than the one who is sitting in his office giving you instructions but has never been in the thick of the war.

  • “The state of your heart, is the state of your home.”

Oh.  Wow.  Can I insert here a huge pause?  A “Selah” to pause and think about that? This, my sisters, is heavy duty.  How often do I gauge the state of my home by how it looks outwardly?  But, all can be messy and chaotic outwardly and peace be within.  My attitudes are influencing the whole tenor within these four walls.  I think this quote should be written and hung up in my house.  I need this reminder. As Rachel also says, “You cannot resist the opportunities to be corrected by God and expect them to receive correction from you.” My inwards attitudes will be reflected outwardly in my home.

  • Do not be a “Picky Chicken”.

As the biggest bully in the chicken yard picks the feather and leaves ugly bald spots on other chickens, so in our correction of our children we must be instructing in love.  Am I venting frustration at my child when I correct? “The need to correct is real, but so is the desire to pick a feather out while you are at it.”  Discipline is to be a sweet means of grace to our children.  When we correct them it is for their nourishment and the good of their souls.  To build them up, not to tear them down.  These are good thoughts to ponder.  How often do I correct my children because I am “fed up” rather than for their good?

Next week, I will post a few thoughts on chapters 4,5 and 6.  These are short little chapters, perfect for a busy mother of little ones.  If you have not read this sweet book, I would encourage you too!

  • Did you start Loving the Little Years this week?  Let me know your thoughts as well!

  • Would you like to jump in and join us?

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