Master Bedroom Makeover: Step 3

Family, Homemaking / Friday, November 11th, 2011

The hard part is over!

We are now at the point where we have decluttered the room, cleaned it squeaky clean, and are ready to beautify the master bedroom.

It’s time for…

Step 3:  Color Coordinate

Ask your husband for his imput at this point.  Find out what colors he would enjoy in the bedroom.  Remember this is his haven as well.  If you decorate your room in pink and ruffles, it may not be as relaxing for him.  So find colors that please you both, as well as styles that you can both find enjoyable.  Find two complimentary colors that you can focus on.  For example, my bedroom (which you see in the photo above) is deep blue and creams.

Now walk around your home and see what you already have in these colors.  It might be a throw pillow in another room, or a pretty vase.  Maybe you have a throw rug with those colors you can use at the base of your bed.  You might be surprised at what you already have in your home that can be recycled.

Visit your favorite thrift store concentrating on what you can find in these colors.

Find a bedspread, quilt or blanket that has these colors in it.  Or a neutral color that you can dress up through blankets, pillows, etc.

Find some complimentary curtains or if it fits to use what you have, better yet.

Pick up some inexpensive baskets of different sizes (we will use these later.)

You are on your way to making your room a haven!

Don’t worry if this step takes you a few days…just go at your own pace.

Next post we will talk about accessorizing your bedroom.

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