Mama and Baby…love.

Family, Mothering / Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

His chest heaves in a contented sigh as he pulls his head back from suckling.

Whole body relaxes as he melts into a quiet slumber.

The soperific effect of that God-given nourishment takes hold.

Head nestled in against mama, cheek under the warm feeling of her breath.  Arms stretched out, draping down either side of her.  His favorite position.

The vibration of her voice as she talks is familiar to him.  It soothes him as the warm milk soothes his belly.  Their breathing blends into one.  His fast, short breaths, her deeper more mature rythm… rest.

Soon babe in arms grows heavier as every muscle releases it’s tension…trust.

He awakes and rises up his wobbly head. She smiles and softly speaks in her sing-songy voice.  Mama and Babes eyes meet. His whole face softens.  And then it comes.  That smile that melts hearts all around the world.  The eyes light up, the lips curve…

and the whole body smiles.

Photo Credit: Yvonne Kolev

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