Many Mercies!

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I have this itch to write…

It is late  early.  Everyone has long gone to bed and I am still awake.

What should I blog about? So many thoughts flowing through my mind.

Sunshiny days have brightened my heart as curtains flow from the breeze coming in.

I walk outside to pray to my Creator and Savior and hear wind rushing through the trees, birds chirping and it fills my heart with thankfulness for how the Lord brings the seasons afresh.

Laughter of children playing outside, barefoot again, running—free!

After supper outside games with daddy have begun again.  Foursquare is the tradition, but last night it was kickball.

Snuggling my teen girl and caressing her hair, realizing that those touches are very important even when the hints of girlhood are melting away into womanhood.

Delighting in my 3 year olds lisping sentences..simple things “It’s raining, Mom!”  So simple but I hold on to every word like a precious treasure that will soon be gone.  Already Mawhew has become Matt and even though he was late to talk, his toddlerhood is beginning to be a memory.

Strapping tall man/sons make my heart burst as I see these ones taking on the mantle of adulthood…my heart swells with love.

Having contests with my daughter on who can clean the fastest–competition brings enjoyment and fuels motivation, especially to this 10 year old.

Taekwondo sparring in the living room, Chinese jumprope the new excitement as well, and a stick with duct tape becomes an amazing pole for my 5 year old to swing with authority…he loves the shine of the duct tape–it’s like metal.

The evening rain sounds gorgeous through the open window as we enjoy the laughter of friends.

I love my family– My handsome, faithful hero and our 8 children.  Often in the stress and busyness of life..I forget how blessed I am and become weighed down with the cares of responsibility.

And then the clouds of winter start to part and the springtime sun shows through and I am reminded….

So many mercies.

My pastor’s wife loves to give out M&M’s reminding people to that the Lord for their Many Mercies.

So today in the hectic schedule and busyness….just stop.  For just a moment. STOP

Take a deep breath and thank the Lord for your many mercies.

And then go get some M&Ms. 🙂

Share with me some of your many mercies!

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