Master Bedroom Makeover- Step 1

Family, Homemaking, Marriage / Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

You all have blessed me so much with your enthusiastic responses to the Master Bedroom Makeover challenge!

A few more details…

The challenge will be for two weeks.  This will give plenty of time for you to work through as many of the suggestions as you are able to do.  Send me your before and after pictures by November 22nd.  You will have a beautiful room by Thanksgiving!

I will post some of my favorite pictures on November 28th. Spread the word and have fun!

Now, who is ready to make their master bedroom a haven?

Step 1:  Declutter

To begin our master bedroom makeover to seek to make our rooms a haven for ourselves and our husbands we are going to declutter.

  • Find 4 boxes.  Mark one to keep, one to donate, and one to throw away and one to store.
  • Go through all that clutter that has been sitting there collecting dust…  As my husband says “Terminate with extreme prejudice.”  Less really is more.  Decluttering all those papers and extra items will free you and make your room much easier to keep clean.
  • If there are special items (ie: boyhood treasures your mother in law has passed on to you) that you do not want to part with, but are not in keeping with your haven put these in your storage box to be kept in a safe place (attic or a closet).
  • Give your husband a small “clutter station”.  This is his spot to put his wallet, keys, items to deal with, etc.  Most men like a place to drop their small pocket change at the end of the day. Allow that area to be a bit messy.  If you plan for it, it will not stress you out.
  • Clear off the top of your bookcases, dressers, the corners of your room.  Allow there to be open areas…do not have every nook and cranny full of items.  Remember, less is more.
  • Clean out underneath your bed.
  • Save your “Keep” box to deal with another day.

You are on your way to making your bedroom a haven!

Next post we will talk about cleaning your bedroom.

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