Master Bedroom Makeover: Step 4

Family, Homemaking, Marriage / Monday, November 14th, 2011

Step 4:  Accessorizing your bedroom

We have decluttered, cleaned, color coordinated our bedroom…now we get to accessorize our haven!

  • Find pretty candles that you can put in your bedroom that give a sense of warmth and comfort.  Or better yet, order a Scentsy Warmer.
  • Place a CD player in a corner of your room. Find some quiet, soothing music that you can have playing quietly in the backround.  I have at times left this running during the busy day and when I go in my room I feel a refreshing calmness for a few minutes. I love By Heart Scripture Songs!
  • If you have a comfortable chair that you can place in a spot in your room with a lamp, do so.
  • Place your husband’s favorite book and a Bible at the side of his bed, or next to the chair.
  • Hang or place pictures around the room of the two of you from your courtship or early days…reminding you of young love.

  • I have mentioned this already, but make your bed the focal point of your room.  Decorate with lots of soft pillows.  These can be purchased very inexpensively at thrift stores, etc.  Always be on the lookout for your colors. You will be amazed at how much comfort and warmth can be added through just a few pillows, or a soft blanket.

  • Place meaningful scriptures to you and your husband around your bedroom.
  • Have fun sprucing up your haven!  This is the fun part…add a detail here, a detail there to make your haven your own.

We are almost done!

Next post…Final wrap-up!

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