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Family, Marriage / Monday, May 23rd, 2011

I thought I would pepper this blog sometimes with more personal posts about our family and our lives here on the homestead.  For those of you who do not know me, maybe it will give you a glimpse into our family.  Our lives are crazy, funny, sometimes stressful, but there is never a dull moment around here. To begin, I would like to introduce you to our family…

Today, I will tell you about my wonderful, amazing husband.  My man of 16 years is such an example of a faithful husband and marvelous father.  I am so blessed to be at the side of this dear man!  He is a true gem.  Dh is the most cheerful, energetic, person you will ever meet.  He is an introverted extrovert, we say.  Even though he does not mind at all being alone with quiet, he is the kindest, friendliest gentleman in a crowd and makes you feel at home right away.

This man of mine finds joy in every event in life and loves to prize every moment of his time.  Whether he is working or playing he does it with all his heart.  We laugh at the time he was so excited about a “spring” he found in the backyard, only to discover it was a leak in the septic.   Dh is also an amazing father.  Everything in life is a lesson to be learned and an opportunity to be harnessed.  Whether he is eating grapes at the table and quoting the fruits of the spirit as he plucks them, throwing a frisbee out in the back yard, or giving the children the vocabulary word of the day at the table, he is interacting with his olive plants.  He is very faithful in leading us in family worship and takes the instuction of our little ones very seriously.  I thank the Lord that I am privileged to live life at his side.  I always tell him, being the more laid back person I am, my life would have been very boring without him…

Can you tell that I love this man?

Next time I write about our family I will tell you a little something about each of my precious children.  But, tomorrow we have the special blessing of a guest post from Jasmine from Far Above Rubies.  🙂

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