Mommy/Daughter Trip (Living a Legacy Conference)

Mothering / Friday, May 4th, 2012

This morning I head out on something I have never done before…

I am having a mommy/daughter trip with my oldest girl.  Yes, Beka and I are heading out early today  for some “girl time”.

Lord willing, we are heading to  spend some time with a dear online friend of mine Kelly Crawford and attending the Living a Legacy Conference.

I can’t wait to get to meet my blogger friend in person for the first time and get to know her and her family.  And I can’t wait to fellowship with so many godly sisters and sit on on some great mom encouragement.  I plan on soaking up the sessions and I am thrilled that my daughter will be furthered in her vision as well as a young woman following the Lord.

Then for the Lord’s Day we are fellowshiping with some other dear friends in Tennessee and worshiping together.  I get to hug, squeeze and love on the new baby I have not seen and reconnect with the brethren there.

But, that’s not all…

I hope on this trip to:

Tie some more love strings between me and my daughter-

Laugh with her-

Have meaningful conversations with her-

Enjoy one on one time with my oldest girl who is quickly blooming into womanhood-

Make memories together-

Enjoy cranking up the radio, singing out loud and drinking Starbucks in the car together-

In short, I want this trip to be a time my daughter will remember when she is a mama of a family one day.



As a mom of seven the Lord gives me special times with each of my children at various times.  This is my “Beka Time.”

Have you had any special times with any of your particular children lately?


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