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Homemaking, Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Monday, August 29th, 2011

The Letter, 1917
The Letter, 1917
William Kay…
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Don’t you love getting letters in the mail?  Bits of encouragement from a friend far away?  Consider this your letter today of wisdom from other moms just like you. These are some tasty morsels for your spiritual nourishment and encouragement as followers of Christ. Enjoy these posts that have been “food for thought” for me lately…

  • Have you ever visited Lady Lydia’s place? Oh what a blessing her blog is.  A quiet haven of womanhood and godliness.  Be blessed by her post Three Rules today.
  • Aren’t we as moms ready to get on our hobby horses? Amen to the sentiments here!
  • And part of why today was hard was because of how exhausted I felt, thus this post When Mommy Doesn’t Feel Well, hit the mark for me.  Maybe it will for you as well.

*Links to articles that have been a blessing to me do not necessarily endorse the particular sites or beliefs of the authors represented, so please be Bereans in your visits.




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