Monday Morsels

Family, Homeschooling, Mothering / Monday, October 17th, 2011

The Letter, 1917
The Letter, 1917 William Kay…Buy This

Enjoy these posts as “food for thought” this week…


  • I love this post from the Better Mom that reminded me to get down on the floor with my children.
  • As many of you know, my dear husband and I were given a beautiful courtship by the Lord. My dear friend has written an article along this vein… should our older guys and gals beĀ Just Friends?
  • Recently I posted about our Kingdom Block responsibility chart…here is another example for young children of using visual schedules.
  • Lady Lydia has given us such wonderful tips on Living Without Unnecessary Stress…we would do well to stop and breathe and get quiet before the Lord.

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