Moore Family Films- A Blessing to our home!

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Edifying films are few and far between in our culture today.  It is becoming more and more difficult to allow our children to sit down and watch a DVD that is God-glorifying.  That’s why when there are wholesome family-oriented programs to watch I am thrilled to discover them.

Moore Family Films has just such a vision.  Their family is seeking to spread truth and the Lord’s heart one television (or computer screen) at a time.

When I received their three DVD set in the mail, I was so excited to add these to our media library.


I was reminded again the other day at the store of how our world views children.  All seven of my blessings were shopping with me. This particular day, I was especially enjoying shopping with them all.  My children had unusually stellar behavior , and we were enjoying the toy aisle searching for our baby’s birthday gift.  An older man walked up to me and asked if they were all my children.  He seemed incredulous…and almost disgusted.  I looked up and cheerfully responded that- yes they sure were!  He then without a word, looked at me as if I were crazy and walked away.

But, that is not  how the Lord views children.  He says they are a blessing!

Children are a Blessing is a refreshing reminder of this.

Join the Moore family in this timely documentary as they briefly expose the evil history of the birth control movement on the 50th anniversary of “the pill.”

Be encouraged as they casually answer questions often posed to large families. Experience the joy of Biblical family life as they anticipate, give birth to, and welcome their tenth child into their home.

From now until April 30th, you can watch Children are a Blessing FREE:

Sometimes you just need to be refreshed by knowing that there are others out there like you.  In a day and age where our convictions and lifestyle is not the norm, having the testimony of another family seeking to walk with the Lord is a huge dose of encouragement.

“In this first film of the It Is Your Life series, get a refreshing glimpse into the daily life of the Mosses, a Christian family training their children in the ways of the Lord.  Learn about:
  • Why they educate their children at home
  • Why Beverly stays home to care for the family
  • How George leads his family in Bible reading and prayer
  • Why they trust God for children after 6 c-sections
  • How God brought them through a time of trial
  • How brothers and sisters can be best friends
Be encouraged and inspired as the Mosses work together, play together, and pray together.  See for yourself how a Biblical vision of family life results in a strong family who loves each other and desires to glorify the Lord together.”

I have to say More Than Making Maple Syrup is my favorite of the Moore Family Films.  🙂  Living in the deep south, it is unlikely that we will be able to make maple syrup as a part of our daily life.  However, joining the Moore family in the making of their syrup was like a tremendous, fun field trip up North.
 Watching them work together, laugh together and accomplish their goals together was a real treat!
“From the tapping of the trees on their beautiful Virginia farm, to the final process of canning the delicious syrup, More Than Making Maple Syrup will be sure to delight and inform the young and old alike.  In 7 simple steps, you’ll learn more than just how to make your own syrup.  With family unity as a theme, and with a good dose of adorable two-year-old antics and humor, your family will be inspired to work together on your own projects in your neck of the woods!”
Our family’s favorite part was at the end when their two year old displayed for us how to make homemade pancakes!  That precious boy really stole the show!
We look forward to watching this video again and again!
I highly recommend getting any of the Moore Family Films, especially their  3 DVD bundle!  It is a rich addition to your media library.


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