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Family, Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
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He came up to me and in the way that only this special 7 year old son could, he blurted out “Let me see that token of honor.”

Just the day before I had with children gathered around me let them peek at this trophy.

These tokens of honor were all because of them, I explained.
Just what are these tokens? Well, the answer might surprise you. But to put it simply, it’s…my flabby baby belly.

Yup, you read that right. My belly with the convoluted racetrack of stretch marks, flabs and wrinkles is my token of honor.

And it is gladly worn…for them.

Yes, I am doing T-Tappand wanting to help this old body get back into some form of shape and fitness. Yes, I would love to shrink dress sizes as I go along. Yes, my extra weight is not just from babies, but from Breyers Ice Cream and I need to address that.

But, my body is not the same for having borne 11 children, 7 full term and 4 miscarriages.

My husband figured I have probably breastfed about 50,000 times.

This changes our bodies drastically.

And I want my children to glimpse this vision. I want the boys to imitate their daddy one day in praising their wife and encouraging her of the blessing of having such a belly. I want my girls to see the true meaning of beauty from the heart, the giving of ones body for another. To throw out the barbie doll idea of womanhood and embrace the beauty of the inward character of piety that is only found in Christ. My dear husband explains to the children that each stretch mark has their own name on it…and it is gladly worn, for them.

Yes, you may not find many other blog posts about flabby bellys…at least not favorable ones. But around here, flab is beautiful, stretch marks are gorgeous and the evidence of a body worn through service is prized. May it be so more and more in our culture.

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