New Baby Coming! Part 3: Mental and Spiritual Preparations

Family, Mothering / Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

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I would like to share today about my personal preparation for the upcoming new baby.  Specifically, in regards to preparing for the labor and delivery. I have been blessed so far to be able to have all my babies naturally. The first two were born in a birth center. The second two were born at home. The last two were also born at home, but in the water. (Let me insert here, we LOVE waterbirth!)  This time I hope to have the baby in the water as well. We will see what the Lord has in store.

Of course there are many practical preparations. The baby clothes, crib, car seat, diapers… all need to be gathered. The birth supplies and special items needed for the actual birth need to be gotten together.

But, I would like to write more of the mental and spiritual preparations that I do before the birth.

I was sharing with my children the other day about how Jesus set His face to go towards Jerusalem and was straightened until His great work was accomplished. In many ways, I feel that for the short time prior to the baby coming, the Lord causes me to begin to have “tunnel vision”…He puts me in a “zone” where I feel as though I eat, sleep, breathe…baby coming. It is as though I am preparing for a marathon.

I have dealt with a lot of fear the more babies that I have had. I guess the memories combine to make me tremble over this greatest work that I am called to do in bringing each baby forth.

There are 4 things I would like to share that I have done to help combat this:

1. As part of my preparation, I write out scripture cards to read or have read to me during the labor, specifically at the very beginning of labor. I like to use a lot of verses from the Psalms, promises and prayers of the Lord’s deliverance and help. One of my favorites is the metrical version of Psalm 70. “Lord haste me to deliver. With speed Lord succour me.” When I begin labor and the fears set in my husband reads me these verses.

Reading the Bible in the hospital

2. I have a friend who is a real prayer warrior for me. I call her when I know I am in labor and having her support is such a blessing.

3. I then seek to mentally “roll up my sleeves” and see this as a work that God has called me to do. Not to shrink back from it, but to submit to the calling of God upon me to bring this child forth.  Instead of the mental imagery and worldly meditation techniques…for me, it is about submitting to each contraction and receiving it, rather than fighting it.  Do I always do this?  Not at all.  But, seeing it as a work that God has called me to do is very important.

4. I lean heavily upon my husband as my chief support through labor and delivery. For me, I need continual eye contact, as I seek to relax and submit to each wave of the contractions.

5.  I use candles, soft music and the warm water, and slow breathing to help me relax as much as possible.

I do not share these things as if I have mastered them. In fact, this time around, I feel my weakness more than ever and my need for supernatural strength from the Lord. He has said His grace is sufficient, and I am praying that He will give me grace in the moment for this time as well. I would appreciate your prayers on this behalf, because I do feel so very, very empty of myself and need Him.  I am older now, and at times feel so worn out that I wonder how I will be able to do this again.  But, He gives mercies that are new every morning, and has many promising to uphold those with child.

I would appreciate your prayers as the time is drawing very near now.  I need Him through it all!

Next time, I would like to share with you our traditions that we have immediately after the birth of our new little one!  And for that part…I truly can’t wait!

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