New Baby Coming! Pt. 2: The Baby Care Class

Family, Mothering / Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Sleeping Baby Portrait #DarlaDixon

In the last post I shared with you our fun tradition of our ten week “Countdown Chart.” Today I would like to write about our “Baby Care Class”. Sometime in the last few weeks of pregnancy I hold a class with all my children where we go over basic care of a newborn baby. This has been such a great time of bonding and sharing together, as well as heightening the excitement of the time drawing close.  Of course, the little siblings will not all being doing all these things for the baby, but it is a wonderful teaching tool for them all and a memorable tradition! And the older ones get to be pros eventually!

In our class last week we talked about:

-How to pick up, hold the baby, and lay him down (closely supporting his little neck)
-Bathing the baby in the little tub
-Diapering the baby
-Dressing the baby in a gown and hat
-Swaddling the baby in a receiving blanket
-Laying the baby down to sleep

Here are several pictures of our class:

In the next post I plan on sharing some things that I do personally to prepare for the upcoming labor and delivery.

If you missed the first post on this series, be sure to check out The Countdown Chart.

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