New Baby Coming! Pt. 4: Immediately After the Baby Arrives.

Family, Mothering / Thursday, March 31st, 2011

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I have enjoyed sharing with you some of our family traditions that accompany the birth of a new baby in our house.  Today I would like to share with you the blessed culmination of this special time for our family.  The immediate postpartum traditions of after the new baby is born.

As I mentioned before, my first two children were born in birth centers, my next two at home, and my last two at home and in the water.  Personally, I have always felt more comfortable laboring with my children away from the house (or birth center with my second).  It is just my own preference and enables me to relax more, even if it means picking up the children and taking them to Grandpa’s in the middle of the night.

After the precious little one enters the world, my dear husband loves to cut the cord and be very hands on with the newborn.  We also love to have time just the three of us for a little bit after the initial hubbub is over and it is established that I and the baby are doing well.  After that initial time — it’s time to bring in the children!  Grandpa has brought them back over to the house and they are excited to meet their new sibling.  It is the most precious sight in the world to see their faces as they file in!

And then the most wonderful time of all is when my husband prays aloud for our new son or daughter.  He commits them to the Lord and offers up prayers of thanksgiving to Him for the safe arrival of this new arrow in our quiver.  At this time as well everyone expectantly waits because…up till now the baby’s name has been a secret to most everyone except my husband and I.  So when Daddy announced the baby’s name everyone is holding their breath excitedly!

Then, we also use this time as a learning experience for the children, by having them all be a part of observing the weighing of the baby, all the newborn examination, etc.  They also are shown the placenta by the midwife, so they can see for themselves God’s amazing work in how He has sustained our baby in the womb.  It is a precious bonding family time.

And of course we always have a meal set up for both the family and the midwives.  Mama is ready to eat a horse at this point!  Smile.

So there are a few of our family traditions that we have established over the years.  As I have already mentioned, I am due in about 2 weeks, and have a history of going somewhat early.  We are eagerly anticipating this new little son’s arrival.  These are things we have done in the past and while we would like to do them again, only the Lord will determine what His will is with this arrival.  I would appreciate your prayers!

So what are some of the things you have done to welcome a new sibling into your family?

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