Not Qualified, but Called!

Family, Homeschooling, Spiritual Encouragement / Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Not too long ago, I got THE infamous homeschooling question…

no, not that one about socialization…

the dreaded:

What makes you think you are qualified
to homeschool your children?

Truth be told, I stammered and blinked a lot as I struggled to answer a very loaded question. (fail)

Here is the answer I wish I’d have given:

I’m not qualified.

Not at all in fact. I have a degree in Television and Radio Communications with both a Politics and Literature minor from college. I have not received any training in education or child psychology or lesson planning.

Further, I am not even qualified to be a mother.

Let’s face it, no one is. We probably studied much more furiously to get our drivers licenses than we did for motherhood. I never passed an exam or got a certificate, yet the hospital handed me a precious newborn seconds after delivery and basically said, “good luck with this.”

Surprisingly, I’m glad I’m not qualified to teach my children at home. You see, being qualified to teach them would make homeschooling a game of self-reliance – a game at which I am a miserable failure.

So, you see, dear lady who-cornered-me-at-the-hospital-with-a-loaded-question, I am not qualified to teach my children.

But I am called to teach them.


God has called our family to this homeschooling journey for reasons that I see clearly and others that are hidden from my view. God has put this calling on my life, and he who is faithful will accomplish his purpose.

Do I know what his purpose is?

No. And I’m strangely ok with that. God is so much more loving and faithful and wonderful than I am – so I’m glad that he is Lord of our little homeschool. Without his loving guidance and the inspiration of his Word, our homeschool would be a disaster. If I tried to rest on my small qualifications in order to teach my children, I would fail…big time. I serve a big God who is interested in the small details of my children’s hearts and lives. Learning His lessons daily in our home is our greatest joy.

So, to answer your question…

I am called not qualified to homeschool.
And I’m completely ok with that.





Kristi is a work in progress who daily falls more in love with her Savior. Married to her Prince Charming and best friend for 13 years, she has 3 beautiful children. She felt the calling to homeschool when her oldest daughter was in 2nd grade, and she’s never looked back! Now her home is full of laughter and learning every day. Kristi’s desire is to encourage other homeschooling mothers through her blog,Homeschooling and Other Adventures.

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