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Family / Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Awhile back I started telling you a bit about our family, starting with my dear husband. Today I thought I would tell you a little about myself.  I thought maybe the most interesting way to do that is to try to list 25 things about me.  If you have never read my About Me page, now would be a good time to do so as well.  So here are some interesting (and maybe not so interesting) things about the woman behind A Mother’s Heritage.

  • I grew up in Minnesota (yes, the land of the frozen tundra)
  • I spent much of my life also in Texas (can there be two opposite areas of the country?)
  • I love to sing and used to aspire to being the next Sandi Patti.
  • I can be a very clutzy person…yup, not the most graceful swan in the world (although I did play “Ugly Duckling” in grade school).
  • I play the flute, a little piano and have a violin that sometime I would like to fiddle with.
  • I can easily be addicted to the computer, as I love high-tech stuff.
  • I am a romantic, loving a good chick flick.  I used to devour the Jeannette Oke books, until at 16, when I was convicted that my mind did not need to be continually wrapped up in romance when I was committed to saving my heart for my husband.
  • I committed to courtship as a girl and the Lord gave me a beautiful experience to share with others.
  • I used to hate coffee and now love it (although it has to be creamy and VERY sweet, so maybe it is more like I like cream and sugar that is coffee flavored.
  • As a girl, I rode in a hot air balloon, dressed up like a clown, camped in the Black Hills, got a letter from Sandi Patti (or rather her secretary), and had two dogs named Samson and Delilah.
  • I DO NOT have a green thumb, but every year get spring fever and try again, only to be dismayed when it …dies.
  • I am a neat freak, and actually at one time made the comment that I thought an empty house looked nicer than one moved into.
  • I have had some major compulsive trials and have struggled  in the past with some really strange, weird things, like checking the stove continually, or being afraid that I would harm someone with germs while I was cooking.
  • I am a night owl and am allergic to mornings.
  • I think that space exploration is really fascinating, but would never want to go up in space myself.
  • I learned to swim at 6 weeks of age, and had pools often growing up…so I love the water to this day!
  • I was taught at home from 5th grade on and have been homeschooling my children now for more than a decade.
  • I have had 7 natural births…2 in the birth center, 5 at home, the last 3 being in the water.
  • I have breastfed all my babies.
  • One Favorite Song: “Let them be Little” by Billy Dean.
  • Favorite foods:  Ice Cream, Breads and Cheese.  (Wonder why I am doing Weight Loss Wednesdays?)  Being from Minnesota, my husband teases me about loving the creamy, buttery stuff.
  • I have a huge love for midwifery, and began studies and a bit of apprenticeship towards that goal in highschool.  In fact, fetascopes and blood pressure cuffs are not normal graduation gifts, but they were this girl’s.
  • I do ok with spiders, but hate roaches!
  • I am a Psalm singer, our church sings psalms exclusively in our worship services.  Do you want a beautiful way to hide God’s word, richly in your heart?  Learn to sing the Psalms.
  • My greatest desire in the world is to know Jesus Christ and have sweet communion with Him. My favorite books of the Bible are Song of Solomon and The Gospel of John.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Leave me a comment and tell me something about yourself.  I love to hear from you. In fact, if you blog…consider yourself tagged! 🙂

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