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Family, Homeschooling / Friday, January 20th, 2012

I remember him sitting on the floor of his room with his army men lined up neatly arranged for battle. This serious minded young man was an example to young people of remembering their Creator in the days of their youth.  So, it did not surprise me when many years later Brad Voeller had put himself through college using techniques that he later wrote about and published in the book Accelerated Distance Learning.  CollegePlus! was born not long after that.

I had heard about it for several years, and my mother even had purchased the book, but it was not the time for me to be considering it seriously when all my precious babies were still in grade school.  When you are trying to establish the basics of what the silent e says, and singing “This little noun, floating around, names a person, place or thing…” it’s hard to think beyond the next memory work or nature walk. But, before I could hardly look up from the phonics primer that I used with my first child and am still using with the subsequent children…it is time.  It is time.

Yes, I still have babies and children in all ranges of grade levels.  Yes, the fractions, historic dates and names of the presidents are something that will have to be learned in our house, but it is time. Time to look beyond the phonics rules, the parts of speech, and long division.  Time to look towards manhood and the career God is directing my firstborn towards.

And so Joseph is now a freshman using CollegePlus! And we are so excited!  What is CollegePlus! you might ask?  To use the words from their website…

CollegePlus! is a revolutionary Christian based distance learning program helping students earn their fully accredited bachelor’s degree in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional university system…

CollegePlus! students use a unique system to earn their bachelor’s degree through a blend of CLEP and other exams, online classes, and onsite courses, depending on what their major requires.

Every CollegePlus! student is guided by a degree coach that walks them through their entire degree process. This coach is knowledgeable in study skills, CLEP exams, and navigating the distance learning college the student will graduate from.”

In a nutshell, through mentor coaching and hard study, Joseph will, Lord willing, over the next two or three years complete both his high school AND college courses, earning dual credit and graduating with a bachelors degree in the major he has chosen.

Today we had his first introductory meeting with Joseph’s CP coach and it was so encouraging.  As J and his coach get to know each other and build a relationship, J’s coach will guide him through step by step the best way forward.

To begin with there are three building blocks that will undergird all of his studies.  The first is the Life Purpose study course, which J will be going through in about three weeks time.  This will help him become more focused on where he might be headed with his calling and major.  The second is a speed reading course.  And the third is a memory course.  These three will set the stage for Joseph’s future classes.

Joseph has his first assignments, will be joining in an orientation on Monday and beginning his studies next week.  And I hope you will join us as I blog every so often about our journey through CollegePlus!

Has anyone been through College Plus! Leave me a comment!

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