Queen Anne’s Lace- Lessons from creation Pt 1.

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They came in with wide smiles, ready to hand me the latest treasure they had found outside.

They love to bring me things, whether tiny or large, flower or weed.  It is their delight to bring me pretties.

It is one of those special things that mommy’s get to enjoy.  The childlike gifts of youth.

This particular day, the downy white blossom of Queen Anne’s Lace was put in a little vase, for all to enjoy.

And then it happened…

some small particles of the showy white umbrella of florets went into the juice cup, and even though it was set aside, my little girl unknowingly drank some of it it.

Having heard horror stories of poisonings I was concerned.

Was Queen Anne’s Lace poisonous?  Should I be concerned?

To the computer I went.  And saw what I did not want to see…

Queen Anne’s Lace is often confused with Hemlock.  The same hemlock that Socrates died from…deeply poisonous.  How would I know which one this was?

What was I to do?

To error could be devastating.

I continued to search on for information.

And then I read that which caused me to breathe a sigh of relief.

There is a way to tell.

It can be easily missed, but there is a way.

There is a small, blood colored spot at the very center of the Queen Anne’s Lace, that the Hemlock does not have.  Everyone of my blossoms contained this.

Sigh of relief.  All is well.

And then the picture came.  The analogy to share with my children.

The analogy that I will share with you next time…

...to be continued.


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