Family / Friday, October 28th, 2011

Five Minute Friday…Join Gypsy Mama for our fun weekly spontaneous writing…for the prompt..



The first thought that comes to mind is all of the fellowship and fun that is happening right now at the Relevant conference…

But for me Relevant brings to mind my priorities.  I have been thinking lately about where my heart is, and where lies that which makes it beat.  You see, I can be home in my body, but not at home in my heart.

What choices I am making have such impact in my live, and my families lives.  Are those choices RELEVANT to my kingdom call?  Blogging, social media, pinterest…all these things are good and can be used for God’s glory…but sometimes playing dominoes on the floor with my 5 year old can be much more RELEVANT to our kingdom purpose…

Sometimes watching my son do his bike trick for the 10th time is RELEVANT to my kingdom calling…sitting on the front porch just enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof with my husband is more important than writing for an audience of the internet.

What decisions I make are very RELEVANT to eternity.   I need to chose wisely, I need to chose well.

And so today I live, I breathe, I laugh, I play with my children, with my husband’s, with my friends.  And I will enjoy the Lord’s blessings…



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