Renewing of Kingdom Vision and Exciting Changes!

Family, Mothering / Wednesday, December 28th, 2011


As we are in the last few days of the year…it is a time of reflection.

How have I spent my time this year?

What things would I have changed?

What things would I do differently?

The Lord has certainly blessed us this year in so many ways.  Through trials and triumphs, He has held our hand and tenderly guided us.

And I am thankful.

I am also grateful that I have a God who says His mercies are new every morning.  If they are new and fresh every morning, surely they are new and fresh every year as well.

Maybe you feel defeated or cast down as you look at the past year.  Do you have sorrow over the sins that rise up within you and tempt you to despair?

Bring them to the throne room…bring them to the One whose mercies are fresh and new every morning.  He loves to hear your desires and longings of your heart.

He has fresh mercies to give, fresh grace to pour out, fresh fountains of blessing to bestow on His children.

And as we begin a new year here at A Mother’s Heritage it causes me to take a step back and reflect on the purpose of this little corner of the web world.  It seems fitting to lay out again the vision, the heartbeat, the breathings of A Mother’s Heritage.  And it is this…

  • AMH longs to be a voice of encouragement to those longing for biblical womanhood, as laid out in the scriptures (Proverbs 31, 1 Timothy, Titus 2).

In a society that seeks to blur the distinction between men and women, and looks upon those things that God defines as precious to be worthless…

In a time where biblical femininity is not prized…

Through the clamor of the world’s pressures for ladies to assert themselves and take on male roles…

In a day when the beauty of godly chastity, submission, and contentment with their roles as daughters, wives and mothers is not held up…

A Mother’s Heritage seeks to be a voice of encouragement, a voice of support, a voice of motherly or sisterly blessing as those in the journey with you.

  • Those involved in A Mother’s Heritage see their callings from the Lord as precious and great.  It is a difficult calling, full of self-sacrifice and difficulty…but it is a high calling- that Christ esteems.
  • We desire to look beyond the here and now and see by faith the generational vision of the great work God has called us to, as Kingdom builders for our Lord.  These homes and the loved ones in them are our domain that He has given us to be faithful in.
  • For 2012 It is my prayer that I and all those who assist me here would decrease and HE would increase.
  • This is a journey of blessing, yes, but pain, trials, and tears as well.  The way up is down.  The lower and more empty of ourselves we are, the greater Christ is glorified in our eyes.  And so A Mother’s Heritage will seek to point you to Christ alone.
  • It is my hope that AMH will not just encourage you to eat healthier, love your children more, intensify your marriage union, and assist you in the skillful running of your homes.  But my desire is that A Mother’s Heritage will direct you to the King of Kings…the One whom we serve in our Kingdom work, even Jesus Christ.

With all this in mind, I would like to share with you some exciting additions to our little corner of blogosphere!  A Mother’s Heritage is so excited to add contributors to our website this year.  Beginning in a few days we will have several ladies join our team by being monthly contributors of AMH.  It is my prayer that this will only make this blog richer and deeper in the blessing to each one of you, as a Titus 2 woman.  Over the next few days I plan on introducing you to each of these dear women, some of whom you may already know and others you will meet for the first time.


As a gift to each one of you dear sisters, I am selling my ebook Embracing the Mess (normally $4.99) for $1.99 from now until January 7!

Simply type in the coupon code nyd2012

If you have not gotten your copy yet, now is the time.

And a brief reminder that I am giving away the little ebook Kingdom Distraction for Titus 2 mothers FREE when you subscribe to A Mother’s Heritage as well.

Have a wonderful day, sisters!


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