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Family, Homeschooling, Spiritual Encouragement / Thursday, September 8th, 2011

As many of you know, my husband and I recently went away for a brainstorming weekend of planning for the schoolyear ahead. In my recent post 10 tips for back to school planning I shared how important it was to look beyond the textbooks as you consider your goals for the coming year.  As a follow-up, I would like to share a little bit today with you regarding our family’s theme and vision for 2011-2012.

In summary it is this:

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To Be Kingdom Builders

We want to be teaching our children more about being Kingdom Builders this year. Each of our family’s play a crucial role in the building of the walls of Jerusalem. As the Lord has listed out in Nehemiah the individual workers on the differing areas of the wall, so no person who is quietly seeking to obey the Lord in his/her capacity is forgotten by Him. They are known by name. In our homes we should be seeking out ways to advance Christ’s cause and Kingdom. If we could begin to think in these terms, no task will seem insignificant. Our chores and responsibilities, our schooling, our housework and everything we put our hand to can be done for His glory. So this year being Kingdom Builders is the theme of our family.

We are going through Nehemiah in our morning family worship again with this perspective in mind. And it is rich to read this special book with this perspective. Suddenly, the events of many years ago seem so relevant for today!

To spark a flame of vision in our little children to begin thinking this way is our desire. Oh, that the Lord would fan the flame! For them to be able to catch a glimpse that in their daily responsibilities they have an essential part in the Lord’s work.

In keeping with our family theme our responsibility chart is our “Kingdom Building Chart.” I will be posting an individual post on this chart we will be using.

For us as Mothers too, this theme is so useful. I recently did a series called “Don’t come down from that wall!” In this series I wrote on the many temptations and distractions that we face as Mommys to come off of our high calling.

I would encourage you to wade deep into the book of Nehemiah and catch a vision for your family. How will you be building up the Kingdom in your home and family this year?


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