Since my love is not like other men…

Family, Marriage, Spiritual Encouragement / Tuesday, February 15th, 2011


‘One of my favorite movies is the movie El Cid.  There is much to learn about following your man in that epic story.  But this is my favorite of all quotes by Jimena:

“Since my love is not a man like other men my life with not be like other lives.”

Do you hear the beauty in that statement, wives?  Why do we compare our husbands with others?

Your man is unique, with talents, strengths and yes, weaknesses, select for him.

And God gave him to you. To you, dear one and not another.

So don’t try to change your man into another.  Pray for him, find and share his vision and see that your life will be specific to fit with your man.

Love your man.

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