Spring Spruce Up

Homeschooling / Friday, March 25th, 2011

I am participating in Amy’s Spring Spruce Up over at Raising Arrows.  Pop over to see others that have spring fever and are sprucing up!

For my spring project as we get ready for baby #7 we are making a few changes around here.  My parents are eventually going to be having a home out on our land, and in the meantime we are giving my dad an office here in the house, and they will be living in their travel trailer.  We had our schoolroom divided up into two rooms, a computer room and a room that had most of the books and the work table, etc.  My boys wanted their computers in their own rooms, so it was an easy transition to consolidate the two rooms.  I do not have before and after pictures but here is what it looks like afterwards…

This was the big project…

Originally this big shelf was a toy shelf, with toys and bins on it.  Now, this is my shelf with curriculum resources.  Latin, Logic, Math, etc.  Most of these are not what they are currently using, but resources I can pull from.  On the bottom shelf are the primers and early readers and older readers that we use through the year.  The Kiosk on the left is where the children are supposed to have their individual books and binders of what they are currently using.  We also cleaned out the closet to the left that is not in the picture. In there are art supplies and our scrapbooks, albums, and so on.

Nothing has changed in the rest of the room.  But, you might like to see the rest of the schoolroom.

This is our history shelf…we do Mystery of History, which is a chronological world history course.  So we have lots of resources of different time periods.

This is our work table.  In the back is our science shelf.

Our schoolroom is also a guest room.  This couch pulls out into a sleeper sofa, plus we have the twin bed.  I use the couch to work on phonics with the littles, or read aloud our history, etc.

So there is a peek at our schoolroom and what our project was yesterday with the big bookshelf!

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