Step 5: Your room is now a haven!

Family, Marriage / Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

You did it!  You decluttered, you deep cleaned, you color coordinated and now you have accessorized your bedroom!  Almost there.  Take a deep breath and enjoy your accomplishment.

This is now the time for you to deal with that “Keep” box, remember from Step 1?  It has now been a few days, so re-look at what is in there and maybe some of those “Keep” things don’t need to be kept?

Put away the things that you do want to keep and now is the time to pull out the baskets that I mentioned before. Using baskets for miscellaneous items make a room look so nice and tidy. Do you have bills, or papers that are constantly needing to be looked at?  Today’s mail or that school paper to be assessed?

Have a basket for all of your papers.

Have a basket with your favorite magazines.

In my room I even have a bin for the baby’s diaper changing supplies.  Bins and baskets are so helpful in keeping order.

Now you need to find little ways to continually keep your room fresh and comfortable.

  • Continue to be on the lookout at resale shops, etc for comfortable additions to your room, whether that is a new knick-knack, flower arrangement or pillow.
  • Change up the way you make your bed once and awhile…maybe fold the covers down differently or add some sort of extra pizzazz. Throw a different quilt at the bottom of your bed to give it a little extra “pop.”
  • Leave a love note under your husbands pillow or a piece of chocolate once in awhile.
  • Remember that all things tend towards disorder, so a constant cleanup is needed.  Ask me how I know.
  • When you think of your room…think “retreat” “rest”, “haven”.  This is your’s and your husband’s special place.
  • Even with a baby in the room, you can make it your special suite.  We have our baby’s crib in our room as well.

So, now that you have made your master bedroom a haven…send me a before and after picture! I will file them all and chose a few to highlight on my blog next week.  I will also send out a copy of my ebook, Embracing the Mess to everyone that sends me their pictures by November 22nd.

Haven’t jumped in to join the challenge yet?  It’s not too late!  Get started in making your master bedroom a haven, by going back to Step 1.

I can’t wait to see your pictures!


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