Suffer the little children- they are precious to Him.

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Dear husband and I stop in the midst of our busy duties.  We can’t help but gaze upon our wee one. We look admiring at the way he is able to raise up his little head while on his tummy.  A little seven week old, with big wide eyes.  How precious he is to us!

Soon though he begins to fuss, and fussing turns into wailing within a short time. I gently pick him up and begin to soothe him.  His whimper turns into little sounds of complaint, more than a full cry.  He is ready to sleep and his body does not know how to settle down.  I hold him securely.  He is comforted…

and so am I.

I have had this little one inside me for 9 months, and have spent the last seven weeks intently getting to know him.  Night and day I have cared for him, nursed him, rocked him, kissed him and loved him.

So I know what his cries mean. Whether he is hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable or angry…I can tell.  I know him. Because he is mine. I am reminded of the depth of how the Father must know those that are his children…because we are his.

Ever so slowly little one’s eyes begin to close and his body begins to get heavier with his every breath.  As relaxation takes over…peace settles in.

And all is well. He lays in my arms with that complete trust that is so very precious.

Do I trust the Lord like this?

Just today I put away lovingly the little newborn gowns that have become a symbol of the precious infant stage.  It makes me a bit sad.  It was such a short time ago that he was placed in my arms. He is growing and changing every moment.  And it is good.

And as I lay him gently down in his little bed, covering him with the warm, soft blanket…

I am reminded of how blessed I truly am.

“…Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

Photo credit: Yvonne Kolev
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