Awake- Five Minute Friday

Spiritual Encouragement

I find it ironic that the word for today is Awake… Look at the post that Richele had for us yesterday here on this blog… And then there is my own situation…I am weary, overstressed, overcommited. What things are the most important in my life right now?  I have need to be awake.  But what Read More

January 13, 2012


Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement

GO: “I am tired of the trial…” “I am tired of this mess…” “I am tired of the way you are acting…” “I am tired of being sick…” “I am tired of correcting the children one more time…” “I am tired of life being this way…” How often do we use the word tired…to really Read More

December 2, 2011

Growing Pains

Spiritual Encouragement

Grow: When I was a little girl I would get out of bed and go over to my mom and dad with this little ache or that.  I was sure that I had some incurable disease and the response from my wise parents was that it was “growing pains.”  And indeed, as a girl I Read More

November 18, 2011



Five Minute Friday…Join Gypsy Mama for our fun weekly spontaneous writing…for the prompt.. RELEVANT… GO! The first thought that comes to mind is all of the fellowship and fun that is happening right now at the Relevant conference… But for me Relevant brings to mind my priorities.  I have been thinking lately about where my Read More

October 28, 2011