You’re Gonna Miss This…

Family, Homemaking

overslept the alarm.. adrenaline running right out of the gate… busy morning… after taking a breather, dealing with 50 lb. sack of oatmeal that has been calling my name every day for, well, too long… my helper making 32 cups or more of granola… all of a sudden water is pouring out of the running Read More

July 20, 2011

How to take a large family to McDonalds


Photo Credit A short tutorial: Drive your 15 passenger van to the nearest McDonalds and park your van far enough away from the car next to you, so you don’t hit it when you open the door. Walk in, all 8 of you, aware that the moment you step inside you will become the center Read More

July 19, 2011

The Perfect Mess

Family, Homemaking, Homeschooling

Photo Credit: Caroline Broyles It was an early spring morning and the birds chirped cheerily as the sun rose in the sky. Cup of coffee in my hand, I sit down in the rocker, on the front porch, to spend a few minutes in the Word. Being allergic to mornings, this is a rare, but Read More

July 14, 2011