Step 5: Your room is now a haven!

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You did it!  You decluttered, you deep cleaned, you color coordinated and now you have accessorized your bedroom!  Almost there.  Take a deep breath and enjoy your accomplishment. This is now the time for you to deal with that “Keep” box, remember from Step 1?  It has now been a few days, so re-look at Read More

November 15, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover: Step 4

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Step 4:  Accessorizing your bedroom We have decluttered, cleaned, color coordinated our bedroom…now we get to accessorize our haven! Find pretty candles that you can put in your bedroom that give a sense of warmth and comfort.  Or better yet, order a Scentsy Warmer. Place a CD player in a corner of your room. Find Read More

November 14, 2011