Teach them Diligently Homeschool Conference Quotes!

Family, Homeschooling / Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

As promised I am putting up quotes and thoughts from the Teach them Diligently Conference: I realize many of these thoughts are random, but may still be very profitable tidbits to ponder as well as inspire you to head to your nearest conference this year!

Doug Phillips from Vision Forum Ministries:

Learn to love and prize:

  • the nobility of the commonplace
  • humor and joy of family idiosyncrasies
  • enthusiasm of the cowboy years
  • the gravitas of the family investiture
  • the blessing of the family table
  • the hope of the newborn
  • the preciousness of childlike faith.

-Have a life at home!  Don’t miss it or think it commonplace!

“[I am] serving Christ when shooting a buffalo for my men or taking an observation, [even if some] will consider it not sufficiently or even at all missionary.” David Livingston

-A man should look at his children as real treasures!

-You can’t choose your grandfather, but you can be that grandfather

-We live in a culture where there is widespread disregard for motherhood.

Voddie Baucham:

  • How can a father expect biblical submission from his family and not submit to the local church?
  • How can we want closeness to Jesus and yet not love His bride the local church?
  • Realize that some people are better suited for non-college trades – good, hard honest work that people used to be proud of!
  • Homeschoolers, stop trying to please others in your home education!

Voddie also had us laughing when he told us that they don’t come to homeschool convention for the curriculum, they come to the conferences for the next curriculum.  Isn’t that the truth!

Hal and Melanie Young from Raising Real Men:

  • We cannot homeschool original sin out of our children.
  • Will my young men be warriors or victims?
  • Secrecy is the enemy of your son’s souls.
  • “Train boys to stand alone bit by bit. Eventually they will go on a trip on their own without you.”

Sarah Mally from Bright Lights:

  • Do not be average but world changers!

And some quotes that other bloggers posted on twitter:

  • The problem w/ standardized tests is the fact that we don’t have standardized children.
  • “When it becomes about the tests, it’s no longer about the joy of learning and the fascinating world around us”
  • Don’t teach character studies from patriarchs from Genesis – they were used in spite of their character, not b/c of their character!
  • Survival of the fittest? The most fit of all – Jesus Christ died for the unfit!
  • What makes a man a leader? He leads. He doesn’t talk about it, he does it.
  • Want smart kiddos? Make sure they have adequate (healthy fats) and antioxidants in their diet!!
  • Don’t fall into the comparison trap!

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