The Best Part of Waking Up- Is Avodah in Your Cup!

Health, recipes / Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Ahh, Saturday mornings…

Sleep in late…

The smell of the coffee brewing wafting through the house…

Snuggle with husband sipping coffee…

Does it get any better?

It reminds me of that commercial….ahhh yes, remember that commercial?

The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!

But, wait a minute, I have to make a change to that… are your ready?  Here ya go…

[box]The best part of waking up is Avodah in your cup!  [/box]

Yes, that sounds much better…I like that.

So what is Avodah, you ask?

What is Avodah!?


Avodah is none other than an amazing brand of Coffee.  This is the business/ministry of the family of my friend Jessica from Muthering Heights and other Senseless Sensibilities 

Being that my husband is the real coffee connoisseur in this house I asked him to give Avodah Coffee a try.   He loved it!

Here are his descriptions:



Mildly bold

Without a hint of bitterness

I chose the full coffee beans since my husband loves to grind his own, but full beans or already ground Avodah has several different varieties to try.

They have single origin coffees such as Kenyan and Sumatra–  And they have a yumminess of blends such as Mocha Java and Start the Presses! The particular one we received a bag of (Thanks Jessica) was Meet the Deadline.


There are so many choices that you can get a sample pack that will let you explore all the rich flavors and choose your favorite.  Avodah will even custom grind your own if you’s like!

And that’s not all…Avoda coffee, as I mentioned is a business but it is also a ministry.  With each purchase you are helping foreign mission such as Samaritan’s Purse and Compassion.  Make sure to sign up for their blog while you are there to keep updates on their heart for missions and latest news.

So move over Folgers…make room for Avodah Coffee!


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