“The Blessing Shaker”

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Its the end of another day.

A busy day.

A hot day.

Record highs of heat reached 115!

I have been looking forward to this oppurtunity all day.

The Quiet.

A chance to regroup, sigh, and eat pie. (All by myself!)

Before I know it someone calls, “mommy”, someone forgot their water, the dog needs to go out and it’s no longer quiet.

I wish this had been my reaction,

[box]”Lord thank you soo0 much for each one of these children. I know they are distracted with many things and have a hard time remembering everything before bed.  Help me to enjoy these night time moments even if they have already been tucked in.  Grant me the courage to discipline them if need be, but most of all help me to give them grace at the end of the day. I love them so much, Lord!”[/box]

Instead I am guilty of “rushing” them to their pillows, knowing ‘my time’ is just within my reach.

To say I was gentle and patient in my voice would be misleading-in fact, I confess I was far from it.

Before I know it all is quiet again-and I can smell the pie.

According to the Webster Dictionary (the one dog eared and stained in my library, one that is used more often as a mountain for legos to climb on then for educational purposes.)

“Quiet” means….”peaceable, not turbulent, not giving offense, mild, meek, and contented.”

So here I am sighing and the Lord shows me in plain English what He desires for my home.

There’s no more “noise” or kids needing me and I think it’s good. I am able to only focus on ME and I am happy. Unhappily my eyes are on myself.

Teri Maxwell says it so well in her book “Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit”

“My spirit is not quiet. If it were, I would be content with the way God made these children, (*and my home) and there would be no turbulence inside of me.”

*emphasis mine

I am reminded of a blessing shaker…a old vintage salt and pepper shaker we fill with bath salts to use in our bathroom.  What a difference a simple long bath does for a weary mom. The Lord whispered…in a gentle voice…what a difference my home would have if I simply added a change in my spirit.

I was frustrated. I wasn’t quiet-creating peace in any moment, mild in my tone, meek in how I train these little hearts, and content with everything that happens. I expected my day to go a certain way.

I am reminded of one of the many footnotes in Teri’s book.

“This high calling the Lord has given us is not easy. The harder it becomes the more the Lord wants us to lean on Him.”

Amidst the noise I would not want to be anyone else except here serving my husband and raising these children for His glory.

Soon it will another day, a new day.  His mercies are new and I am challenged.

I want to be a Blessing Shaker to my children, my husband, and create a Holy-Hush of meek and quietness in my home.

Let me challenge you. Do you struggle with a meek and quiet spirit?  Do you desire to create a more peace full atmosphere in your home?

If so, sprinkle a gentle tone throughout your day, use mercy whenever possible, train your children with patience, and listen quietly for the Holy Spirit’s gentle voice.

“Live out for your children the reality of resting in the Lord!”

~Teri Maxwell

Dawn is a  wife to a strong man of God for almost 12 years and they homeschool their three children. She finds joy in teaching her children all of God’s ways, organizing, and rearranging. She loves rescuing cast-of pieces of history and repurposeing them as a way to add beauty in her room. She is working on starting her own home business, and loves to inspire other woman and mothers to find the beauty in the simple things all around them. Whether it is the giggle from her youngest who gets to lick the homemade jam off the spoon, or a midnight hug. She is beginning her journey to whole foods, going GF, and Dairy free. She is inspired to become content with the simple life the Lord has blessed her with, and realizes this can only be done through God’s grace. Ultimately she is vessel, hand carved by the Lord for His will.

You can follow what God is doing in Dawn’s heart and home at SimpleBlessings and you can also find her on Facebook.

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