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Let’s face it. We live in a day and age when homemaking, being a wife and mother that desires to serve her family is not thought of highly.

It’s second place to put our family’s first place.

And even more unpopular is when one begins to speak about our biblical roles as followers of Jesus. Words like “submission” and “headship” makes people nervous. There is little encouragement for one to be a woman of God under the headship of her husband as laid out in Titus 2 and Proverbs 31.

There was a time when things like preparing yourself and your home to be a refreshing place for your man to walk into after a hard day of work was prized…now it is ridiculed and mocked.

Darlene from Time Warp Wife has offered encouragement for those who see the beauty in the biblical roles and desire to embrace them.

Darlene says “I’ve decided to resurrect the “Good Wife’s Guide” in my own words, and according to the role that I hope to fulfill in my life. It is no longer a satirical piece written to mock the role of a help-meet, but rather a guide that leads women toward a noble character and good family values. It’s time that we took a stand for family values that serve to grow and protect the family unit as God divinely designed it to be…

Part one of The Good Wife’s Guide encourages women to embrace their role as a helpmeet and part two provides practical application for housekeeping.

Here is the type of encouragement you’ll find in the book:

  • Take a look in the mirror an hour before your husband comes home to ensure that you are presentable. An hour allows ample time to hop into the shower if need be.
  • Go light on the perfume, but use great smelling soaps, shampoo, and antiperspirant so he’ll want to snuggle up for the evening.
  • If you wear makeup, put a little on before he walks in. Your goal is to look happy and radiant–not done up.
  • Dress in feminine clothing. Men are attracted to women, not fashion, so do your best to wear styles, fabrics and colors that remind him you’re a woman and not another one of the guys. Dress as well for him as you would for new friends.
  • Have all chores done before he walks in the door, and try to have things like the dishwasher and vacuum turned off.
  • Put aside your problems and be cheerful when he walks in the door.
  • Make your bed every morning so he has a comfortable place to rest at night or upon returning from work.
  • Ensure that the television and stereos are turned off so that the house is peaceful.
  • If the kids are excited about something, encourage them to wait about 15 minutes before they share their news.
  • Prepare dinner before he arrives. There’s nothing quite like the smell of home cooking when you walk in the door—especially when you’re cooking the food he likes.
  • Have the pots and pans washed ahead of time so that the kitchen is every bit as presentable as the meal.
  • If you have problems to deal with, wait until after dinner to spring it on him. Husbands are happier when their tummies are full.
  • Greet him at the door with open arms, a kiss, and a warm embrace.
  • Make an effort to look at him when he is speaking so that he has your full attention.
  • Close the computer if you’re on it, and if you’re chatting on the phone try to end the conversation and call her back later.
  • Have the children tidy up the front entrance when they arrive from school. Backpacks, jackets and gym bags make for an untidy greeting.
  • Do your best to have the house clean and organized at all times. He is working hard outside the home and needs home to be his haven of rest.
  • Don’t be angry if he’s working late, instead show appreciation for long hours put in.
  • Have the kids wash their faces, and change their clothing if they are soiled from play before Daddy comes home.
  • Don’t nag him or try to reshape his bad habits. Work on your own and practice acceptance at all times.
  • It is imperative that you defend your husband to your children and that they respect him at all times. Never allow them to grumble or complain about him whether he’s present or not.
  • Don’t compare him to other women’s husbands or to your father when it comes to your definition of a man. Love and respect go a lot farther than criticism ever will.

A Good Wife’s Guide is about 150 pages and you can get your copy for only $4.95.

May each one of us be more encouraged each day to embrace the roles he has given us!


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