The Importance of a Babymoon

Childbearing, Family, Health, Mothering / Tuesday, March 20th, 2018


Isn’t it the most wonderful thing to get ready for a new baby? So much excitement and joy in the preparation.

Childbirth classes done? Check!

New baby diapers ready?  Check!

Baby clothes in drawers?  Check!

New gown for me after birth?  Check!

Childcare arranged for the other children? Check!

Book chosen for me to enjoy during my baby moon?  Check!

Wait, did I just say babymoon?  Yes, why yes, I certainly did!

Today I am over at Cradled In Love writing about The Importance of a Babymoon.  Join me over there for the rest of the story!…


Jenny is the Happy wife of 23 years to Steve, Mama of 8 children and the owner of A Mother’s Heritage Blog.  Writing is therapeutic to her and she loves encouraging others.  She is a stay at home mama, runs their home business and has a passion for all things birthing and babies as a Doula for Cradled in Love Birth Services.