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Family, Homeschooling / Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Granny’s post on Making (a) Room,  from a veteren homeschool mom and grandma is so right on!  I too love the feeling of putting up the colorful posters, timelines, charts of all the presidents over the years, and the different stages of the butterflies life cycle.  To have desks all ready, and the 50th pencil sharpener staged and ready to break within two weeks.  To have the bulletin board full of the seasonal changes and the globe sitting so prettily upon the shelf…it brings a sense of excitement and accomplishment.  I have done it.  And still do it to some degree.

I live in the largest house I have ever lived in and have the luxury of a big schoolroom, complete with couch for reading, and table for everyone to work at.  And it is a blessing. But, do you know how much time we actually end of spending up there? For, most of our work ends up being done in the den.  Or my girls will do their reading on the front porch, or my boys will work in their bedroom.  They have even been known to carry their work up to to their fort upstairs in the barn.

I have come to realize that a schoolroom is valuable more for the place to have everything staged and organized more than the actual work time.

So, if the Lord has blessed you with a schoolroom…and you desire to set it up colorfully in detail…more power to you!  Enjoy yourself!  It’s a blessing and I love it!

But, if you don’t have that luxury, and are working out of a cabinet in your dining room.  Don’t pine away for the other life, because homeschooling really does happen all over the home.  Remember, we don’t have to do school at home.  We are educating our children at home.  We don’t have to mimic the classroom model.  Children learn beautifully even up in a treehouse.

Think outside the box this year, and go on a nature walk, explore the woods, take your math books outside, spread a blanket and enjoy all the learning God has in store for you!

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