The Sabbath Day and Snapper Tales

Family, Spiritual Encouragement / Saturday, June 9th, 2012

One of  our family’s desires is that we would honor the Lord’s Day in accordance with the commandment.

But, we do not want the day to be a list of do’s and don’t for our children.

We are called to have the Sabbath be a delight.  So we seek to fill the day with delight for our little ones.

What this looks like changes throughout the years, but Steven is very creative and I am blessed by how he instructs and teaches the children.  He makes the day a pleasure for our children.  Here are a couple of things he has done with them over the years.

Pictograph Lessons:

These pictures were taken several years ago and bring back such fond memories!

Steven will teach our children many lessons and biblical principles through pictographs.  In years past he used our wall whiteboard, but many times he has also used simply a piece of paper and pen!  He will begin to draw something and the children have to guess what it is…each time he draws a bit more of the clue.  It might be the fish with the coin in it, or the tree Zacheus climbed.  Of course, many times the children try to copy his work and create their own works of art.


*Bible Quiz questions:
You name it–Steven comes up with so many different quizzes for the children.  Tell me the different kinds of oil mentioned in the Bible, Give me all the prophets that have the first letter of “Z”?  Or there is always “Who am I?”

*Bible Charades:  Our favorite was one time when we were playing with Stefanie’s brothers and they came out with this huge rod out of one of their eyes, and a pencil eraser out of the other one’s eye…to portray “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

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*But, I believe one the favorite Lord’s Day activities for the children are…Daddy’s Sabbath Snapper Tales. Now, if you have never been privy to a snapper tale…you have missed out!  The Snapping Turtle family has all kinds of adventures where each of the little snappets learn lessons taught in the word of God.  Daddy snapper always teaches and trains them, but those little snappers seem to always be into mischief or trouble.  There was the story of “Datsa” and “MineA” who were so very selfish.  There is Shaffer, Slater, Snuffy and many others.  This Snapper family seems to be always learning exactly what our family needs to be pondering and learning at the time.

So if you are ever in the area on the Lord’s day..come on by and you just might get to enjoy a “Shhhnappa Tale!”

Has the Lord been laying on your heart the desire to keep the Lord’s day more set apart for Him?  Join me for 10 ways we can prepare for the Lord’s Day.



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