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Every home has one of these…it is warm, it sees lots of new and old memories, (some from generations past).  It  holds many oppurtunities to train, nurture, and encourage our children. It is here where we can practice hospitality, provide warm meals and serve our husbands in such a wonderful way. No matter the size or color- this place reflects the heart of a home and the joy of a mother’s heart. In my home this place also has me on bended knee seeking wisdom on a regular basis.

….to all who wonder …may I introduce you to  Miss Kitchen?

She is a delightful friend…always there to greet you early in the morning.  She never seems cranky despite the smells of burnt food or stains.  She is there…strong, and inviting.

But, it is here where  measuring cups, recipes, and cupboards full of food seem to overwhelm me often.  My cookbooks are merely cutouts from magazines or a recent yardsale find.

So I give in.  I make another “picnic” lunch and wonder about a time when I can plan meals with confidence.  Its noon again and I am honest.

I pray.

Lord. I. need. you. I need the basics.

I reach up in a effort to give Him my all.
I give Him every oppurtunity to come in.
Could it be that I have been thinking I can do this all by myself?

Maybe I see it as just another meal.  Clearly it is more.

To make the most of every oppurtunity as a mom I want to make the most of every meal I can.

A few friends come to mind…and words of a wise mentor.  I wish I can say I am doing very well with all of these “allergy” adjustments, but I am not.  (I usually am the one sneaking a Little Debbie and begging for ice cream at the end of a very hot day.)  While hesitant I know this is where God is leading me.

I have learned to lean on many friends. Not hesitating to ask them how their meal plan goes, what kind of foods  do they eat, and what foods should I avoid.

I find peace here, joy and confidence. I find some willing to pray for me and this struggle regularly.

I begin to inch forward.

Another day dawns…I get the kids’ unit study ready. We begin to study science ( a unit study on Popcorn).

Holding my breath, I make a snack. 4 different kinds of popcorn for the kids to taste and compare from our local Amish market.

It was fun, it was healthy, and it met our allergy requirements.

I am sharing this to encourage you as mothers, in our kitchens.

It is our calling high and small to find nutritious, healthy foods that will fill our bodies and leave us content with the energy to do all the Lord calls us to.

Learning what our weakness is, takes us one step closer to making it our strength.

Reaching for basics seems so hard, and yet when I see all the wonderful people (and blogs) God has put in my life to help me in this area of weakness I realize I have leaned on Him even more.

For now I am still working on finding “family” meals that I can use in our first family cookbook. I am still doing cereal more often then eggs for breakfast, and I keep a stash of milk chocolate in my tea container.

In time I know, well I hope, that I can sit down with my daughter and share with her how to manage her home in this area. I can speak by experience and hopefully be able to pass onto her a “family cookbook” of recipes to make for her own.

Most of all, I want to be able to show all of my kids that doing hard things helps us to grow closer to the Lord.

Here are a few tips I can pass along if you find yourself  like  me…reaching for basics.

~Identify where you need wisdom.

~Find Godly examples around you of ones who may have that as their strength and invite them over or meet them at a coffee house (everything is just so much sweeter over coffee!) and ask them how they do it.

~Share with your husband your weakness, so he can pray, encourage and know where to be more patient as you learn.

~Take baby steps…because one day you will look back and realize they were giant steps! Make small goals for yourself and perservere!

~Be open with your kids. I find so much encouargement when my children are praying for me! (Ask them what their weaknesses are so you can lift them up as well.)

~And last, confess when you find you have fallen again. Reach up and grab the Lord’s hand and know he knows you inside and out. He knows our weaknesses and strengths and He is there.

*If you have struggled with meal planning or another area in the home I would love to learn how you are overcoming!

Many blessings & praying for all  to find the strength in the Lord !!!

Dawn is a  wife to a strong man of God for almost 12 years and they homeschool their three children. She finds joy in teaching her children all of God’s ways, organizing, and rearranging. She loves rescuing cast-of pieces of history and repurposeing them as a way to add beauty in her room. She is working on starting her own home business, and loves to inspire other woman and mothers to find the beauty in the simple things all around them. Whether it is the giggle from her youngest who gets to lick the homemade jam off the spoon, or a midnight hug. She is beginning her journey to whole foods, going GF, and Dairy free. She is inspired to become content with the simple life the Lord has blessed her with, and realizes this can only be done through God’s grace. Ultimately she is vessel, hand carved by the Lord for His will.

You can follow what God is doing in her heart and home at SimpleBlessings and you can also find her on Facebook.

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