Time with the Lord, Spurgeon and my Son in Pictures

Family / Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Many mornings during this beautiful fall weather I sit on the front porch and read my Bible and a passage from Spurgeon as well.  During this my 3 year old plays on his trike, his scooter or races on his stomach on his skateboard down the little dirt hill in our yard.  After I am through we go for a walk and I pray.  I am sure some of the neighbors might think I have lost my mind, as I walk barefoot and am speaking out loud while looking up into the heavens.  We slowly walk and again my son either walks with me or many times he rides his tricycle.  Today it was his scooter.

The weather lately has been so delightful it fills my heart with life and delight in God’s creation.  I thought I would give you some sights of my walk today.

Do you see my little scooter guy way off yonder? :)


Do you see my little scooter guy? 🙂 img_6437

He wanted to stop and see the “pretty fwowers” (no that is not a typo) 🙂img_6439

If you look closely through the trees you will see a gate.  I like to think of it as the secret garden.









Have a lovely fall day!


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