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Family, Homeschooling / Thursday, June 21st, 2012

I love homeschool curriculum!  And, let’s just say, as a second generation homeschooler, I have had a wide range of exposure to different teaching styles and curricula.

But, I must say the older I get, the more important of a role I see teaching history has in the shaping and educating the minds of our little children.  Having a biblical worldview is paramount in seeing God’s glorious working and His providential weaving throughout the ages.

That’s why when I met Gail at the Teach them Diligently Conference this past March I could share the passion that shown in her eyes as she showed me The Timeline of Classics.  Birthed out of her own love of history and teaching of her own children, The Timeline of Classics is a blessed tool for the homeschool mom!

What began on jumbo index cards for the purpose of her son’s transcript and with it growing over the 16 years of schooling her own children this “Portable Timeline” has become a valuable resource for others!

The Timeline of Classics is broken down into four parts:  The Ancients, The Middle Ages, The Renassance and Reformation and The Modern World.

This practical tool makes going to the library a breeze whether you are heading out with young children or highschooler.  Simply look up the date you are studying and Gail has given you your list, complete with the Title, Author and reading level of the book.

So let’s say I am studying the Middle Ages and we are around the time of the late 1400’s or early 1500’s.  I would go to The Timeline of Classics and see…

1475-1564- Italy   Michelangelo “Artist” (Compact Classics Vol. I/4-C4)   Biography: Artists and Philosophers  —H  (Highschool)

1475-1564- Italy/sculptor, painter, architect   Michelangelo-Man of the Renaissance   Diane Stanley   —-E M  (elementary and middle years)

This would give me an easy guide to find the books that fit right in with my timeline!  Gail has done all the research for me, has put it all into a concise format and laid it out beautifully.  She even has tastefully added quotes from various authors and classic literature throughout this book.

And Gail has not just put books, but plays and movies to go with the different timeframes as well.  One would never be able to read or glean from all the resources, but that the beauty is you can pick and choose for your family. This truly is an all in one resource, friends!

This 82 page document can be purchased in an e-book download version or a CD-R data disk.  And the best part?  The copywrite allows for duplicating the pages for your children’s use.  So all you have to do is highlight the books read and your student has his/her reading list already documented for the year!  Or let your children mark in their own copy to cement the dates in their own minds.

My mother (a true veteran homeschooler who taught me in the “pioneer days”) sat down with this resource and said “Every homeschooler should have this!” She then sat on the couch for over an hour pouring over all the information and loving care that Gail had put into this tool.

Another huge bonus for me is:  The Timeline of Classics can be used with any curriculum, or any teaching style!  So whether you are textbook mama, a unit study teacher or whatever flavor your homeschooling has, the Timeline of Classics will work for you!

Want to take what you are learning as a family in the scriptures and spill it over into your history?  Look up the dates of your biblical study and find more resources of what was happening even in the secular world at the same time!  (Teaser: did the Egyptian plagues in Exodus have any added significance from their Egyptian culture?)

Take the stress out of researching solid, edifying reading for your children.  At a glance incorporate real books of real people, from real times past!

Thank you Gail for giving me my own copy of  The Timeline of Classics and for sharing your contagious exciting and passion with me!

Gail is generously giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD COPY of Timeline of Classics to one of my readers.  So have fun entering into the rafflecopter widget below.

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