Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Friday, December 2nd, 2011


“I am tired of the trial…”

“I am tired of this mess…”

“I am tired of the way you are acting…”

“I am tired of being sick…”

“I am tired of correcting the children one more time…”

“I am tired of life being this way…”

How often do we use the word tired…to really mean we don’t want to.

There is nothing wrong with fatigue…our Lord Jesus experienced true tiredness during His earthly stay.  But so often we are not really physically tired, as much as having an attitude that is wrong.  We grumble, we have a complaining spirit, we want our situation to change, we want the Lord to put an end to our affliction.  And so we murmur.

I do it.  Many of us do it.  And it is sin.

If we are truly weary, the Lord has a promise to us that He gives strength to His people.  He remembers the fatigued, the ones that have poured out themselves for His service.

But let us beware of a complaining attitude!


P.S I am going to be watching my vocabulary for the next time I use the word “tired” and ask myself, am I physically tired or grumbling?

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