Titus 2… For married women only?

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The focus of A Mother’s Heritage is to encourage Titus 2 women of all ages. The topics vary from homeschooling, large family living, the daily joys and struggles of motherhood, loving our husbands, courtship, and many more. The subjects vary as much as our roles spelled out in the scripture are so diverse.

But, I have a very special place in my heart for a set of young ladies that might wonder if where they fit into it all. I am speaking now of my single sisters. My lovely, Titus 2- striving to be more like Christ sisters. You see there is much talk about being a biblical daughter in the home, under the headship of your father until the Lord brings you a godly man.   We highlight going through a pure courtship having saved your heart for that one that God has for you.  It is so important to train our daughters before entering into marriage to be prepared to be a faithful help meet for their future husbands.

But what about those whom the Lord has not brought a godly young man for yet? What about those who see their childbearing years ticking away, with no sight of that man they have been taught to prepare for? They might feel lost, left out, lonely. Where do they fit in?

And what is the answer for those special servants of the Lord? Would they have been better off preparing for a life of career? Was it a mistake for them to have their hearts set on the keeping of the home for God’s glory? Was it a mistake for them to prepare to be a godly wife and mother and they now at least for the time being the Lord has not opened that door?

I would submit to you today that the Lord has a dear role for these godly Titus 2 single sisters.

I would challenge you and encourage you to see how great your role is in Kingdom Building.

Is the Titus 2 mandate just for younger daughters under their fathers, or older married women under their husbands?  I would say no.  I am a firm believer in young ladies staying under the headship of their fathers.  But, we live in an imperfect world, and this is not always possible.  There are times when this is not an option for a godly young lady. So what is she to do?  Should she cast it all in, put her convictions aside, and give up all those things that she has been taught about the high calling of God upon her as a woman?

I would answer a strong NO.  Women that God has providentially taken out of her home may have disadvantages, but they can also be blessed in following God’s direction for them as women. An older single woman, can still joyfully run in her Titus 2 calling in service to the Lord.  There are many ways in which all of the posts that I write about can powerfully apply to you as well.

I would like to introduce you to my mother’s helper, Stefanie. As a young woman who has been called of God to wait for her strong desire of marriage, the Lord is exercising her and teaching her more of Himself every day.  Stefanie has been a huge blessing to us and has become like one of our own family.  Tomorrow, Stefanie will share some her heart with you, my readers.  She shares like the rest of us, not out of her great triumphs, but out of her struggles and trials.

I also plan throughout the month of February to post occasionally some practical and spiritual helps for my single sisters.

I would love to help spark a fire of vision for you of the many ways in which you can run as a Titus 2 single woman.

The Lord loves these special women of God who are waiting upon Him!


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