Titus 2 Singleness- What does it practically look like?

Family, Single Titus 2 Womanhood / Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

This past month we have focused much on our Titus 2 single sisters that are so very precious to us. We have heard from such lovely ladies such as Stefanie, Amy, Chelsey, and Yvonne. We have gleaned wisdom from MamaMo from an older woman’s perspective. And I pray, married or single, we have been challenged, encouraged and reminded to look up in every area of our lives as Titus 2 women.

As we are drawing to a close of not only the month of February but also our focus on how Titus 2 still applies to single women, I would like to talk today and tomorrow more practically to my dear sisters.  I might step on a few toes here but I would like to share some of my thoughts in a little more detail.

You see there are times when a godly young lady providentially may not be able to be at home with her parents or under her father’s guidance as she would want to be.  I believe these ladies can still be following the Titus 2 mandate in her life.

First though, Let me preface this by saying a few things.

  1. I believe, under normal situations that it is best for the daughter to be staying under the protection of her father until such a time as the Lord brings a husband into her life and that headship is transferred to him.
  2. I do not believe that always means she must stay within the circle of her own home at all times, but she can be sent out to serve in various ways and capacities, under the careful headship of your father and with the blessing of her parents.
  3. I believe that a young woman’s service within her own family’s home is of great importance to the Lord Jesus and there is no disparagement to being content in this role.  Too often the world tells us that we need something more, but godly womanhood serving our parents and siblings is a blessing, no matter what age.
  4. Having served as a mother’s helper in my youth and now having various helpers over the years I can say that such service is a huge blessing and a much missed part of our society. There is much wonderful experience that a young woman can gain and much blessing for weary mothers to have this help.
  5. Courtship with a loving trust between parents and a child is a beautiful and sweet thing.  Too many times our young people are thrown into temptation and a den of hormones without loving guidance and leadership.  But, I have also seen many abuses called by the name of courtship, but that is for another post.  Suffice it to say, when courtship is followed biblically with both sides looking to the Lord, it is refreshing indeed.

Having said these things my heart is to encourage those that may not fall into the normal range of the Christian Titus 2 young woman.

For one reason or another, providentially you are not able to be in your parent’s home.

You do not have the guidance or headship of your family that you desire.

You are on your own.  What then?

Join me tomorrow for the conclusion…


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