Titus 2 Singleness: When the ideal is not happening.

Family, Single Titus 2 Womanhood / Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

As we close out our February series focused on addressing Titus 2 Single Women, I asked the following yesterday:

For one reason or another, providentially you are not able to be in your parent’s home.

You do not have the guidance or headship of your family that you desire.

You are on your own.  What then?


Here are a few practical thing that I would encourage you in…

  • Place yourself in a faithful, supportive, Christ honoring church.  It is SO important that you are in a place where your soul is deeply fed and you are meeting with Jesus often.  Attend upon the means of grace and make this a priority in your life.  It is your manna, your bread from heaven, the nourishment of your soul!

  • Find a godly, supportive family that you can mutually edify one another.  The Lord setteth the solitary in families.  May you find a second family that can help keep you accountable and pray with and for you, giving wise council and encouragement.

  • Find a godly spiritual father.  Either your pastor or another godly man that is willing to be that role of headship for you.  I am not meaning in every minute detail of your daily life, but as a councilor for you through decisions you must make, or in a courtship situation to help guide you through these important areas of your life.

  • Find your niche within your vision of Kingdom Building.
    I may be stepping on toes here, but I do not believe God would have his women out in the career path as men. God has given and equipped us in a beautiful feminine way with different roles then the men and we need to not be ashamed in that.  There are many ways our Creator has fitted us for service.  The career path, the corporate ladder, these things are for our men.
  • We are nurturers and caregivers.  When we remain in our roles it is lovely indeed.  There are many niches that single young women can serve and when needed bring in income for her physical needs.  A few might be in the areas of nursing, midwifery, housekeeping, childcare (nanny), baking, sewing, writing, online skills,working with herbs, selling handmade items, music lessons, tutoring and this just touches the tip of the iceberg.

    • Spend some time in God’s word and find encouragement in studying the beautiful testimonies the Scripture gives to us of other single, godly women.  One of my favorites is Dorcas and the sweet legacy she left behind which the other women testified of after she had died.  Dear ladies, you are making more of an impact than you can possibly know! Use your gifts and abilities for His glory with all your capacity!
    • Remember as a covenant community in your church that those precious children are also given to you to bless in whatever way you can.  Do you long for a baby to hold in your arms?  Give your sweet sister in the Lord a break by holding and loving on her child for awhile.  Do you ache to have a child’s arms around your neck?  Kneel down and find interest in what the toddler of your friend is doing this next time you are at church?  Call up that young mother that is overwhelmed and bring her a meal and love on her children.  You dear single sister are changing the world for God’s glory!


    Please, my dear sister do not settle for the lie of the world that you must be like the men. You are made by God to fulfill your role as a Titus 2 woman, whose calling centers around the home, nurturing and caregiving.surface.


    My dear Mother’s Helper with one of my daughters.

    I think there could be many single women burdened with cares and worries they were not meant to shoulder.  Stepping back, placing yourself under trusted shepherds and guides in your life, whether you are a single 20 year old or 50 year old woman is a sweet relief and blessing.

    For women single and married alike I highly recommend a book that is a treasure trove of wisdom. Female Piety: A Young Woman’s Guide Through Life to Immortality is a must for every Christian woman’s library.

    Let me close by saying, that I realize God has his people in many different places and situations. I merely share from my heart some considerations that I would give to my daughter if she were in such positions, and I hope they will be a blessing to you as well.

    There are a few blogs that I would like to share with you that give specific encouragement towards godly singlehood.  I am sure there are many out there but a few I am aware of…

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    Stay at Home Daughter– Where I especially loved her post called Singleness Isn’t Punishment or Purgatory.


    As we close out this series, I would love to hear your thoughts as well…leave me a comment!



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