To Three Special Men in my Life- Happy Father’s Day!

Family / Saturday, June 18th, 2011

We celebrate Father’s day today (Saturday) because tomorrow is our Heavenly Father’s Day. I would like to tell you about three very special men in life.

The first is my dad.

What stands out to me about this special man?

Here are a few memories that are very precious to me…

~Running as hard as I could while he clapped his hands and waited to swing me high in the air. The giggles that bubbled forth as I swung around breathlessly in his strong arms.

~Swimming for long hours in the pool and pushing off his strong legs as he propelled me straight up into the air.

~Climbing into bed on Saturday mornings, feeling his big shoulders, trying to tickle him and finally breaking into a pillow fight.

~Waking up in the night to find my daddy kneeling next to my bed, in prayer for his little girl. Father entreating the Lord for his daughter, is there anything more comforting and sweet then that?

~Lovingly guiding and protecting me through a beautiful courtship as I transferred into womanhood. Working with my soon to be husband and developing a beautiful bond between the two of them.

~Giving me away as a bride with great joy and pride.

I love you, Daddy.

The second wonderful man in my life is my father in law, Papa.

~It was Papa who made me feel like a princess when I was engaged to his son.

~It was Papa who laughed (and continues to laugh) with me when I asked him when his birthday was, after I had baked him a birthday treat just a couple days before.

~And it was Papa who came to me after I had given birth to his first grandson. This young girl was still reeling from the birth experience.  Still feeling achy, teary and worn out.  And in the midst of the joyful welcoming of our precious boy, he came over and showed concern, love and care for his daughter in law.  I don’t think  I have ever told him how much that meant to me.  But, it was so needed…my young heart needed that tender, loving care…and he gave it.

~It was Papa who sent me an encouraging email awhile ago, telling me how proud he was of how I had homeschooled the children that year.  Those little things are really big things.

I love you, Papa.

I have saved the last for the most important and greatest man in my life.

My dear husband.

What can I say about this man?

Words fail me to describe what a gift he is.

~This dear husband of mine has shown me what Christ’s love is.

~This dear man has walked with me, sacrificially giving of himself for me.

~This dear man enabled me to experience what Naomi said to Ruth, …”Shall I not seek rest for thee?”  In my Boaz–I had rest.

~The patience he had with the young bride who was barely grown up and cried each morning when he left for work.

~The love he had when his young wife was so immature in many ways.

~The joy he showed and radiated in being a husband made me feel like a queen.

~The care he has given me through surgery, sicknesses, pregnancies, despondency that I didn’t understand and just plain fatigue has been amazing.

~This dear man will fill the car with gas, knowing I need it the next day, not want me to have to pump it. (And back it up in the driveway to make it easier for me to leave.)

~This  dear man will take the children with him on all his errands to give mommy a needed break.

~This man is one of the most in-touch dads there is, playing with, interacting with, teaching, instructing, laughing and loving all his 7 treasures.

~To this dear man, being a husband and father is better than the highest position he could ever have in the corporate world. And he delights in it!

With this dear man:

I feel safe.

I feel loved.

I feel cared for.

I feel blessed.

I love you, Steven!

And so to the three men in my life…

Happy Father’s Day!

All three of you are special gifts from the Lord to me.


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