Vacation Pictures and 10 Reasons you should never leave your mother home alone!

Family / Friday, January 6th, 2012

As many of you know, our family went on vacation last week having a blessed time with family.  Our dear friend Stefanie (who is now part of the family) came along as well.  She documented the trip today in pictures, so I would encourage you to head over to her blog Pleasant Places for a looksee.

And in the meantime, might I share with you the email that my lovely mama sent to me while gone?  I am going to title the email

Love you *so* much! Missing you but very glad you are getting a break from here!
We enjoyed our party on Sat and going to have one again on Fri night! Probably going to take me 3 days to get the house back to the way it was when you left.
  • Will have to go to Goodwill to replace some of the missing furniture that the guests took home with them. I think Dad can fix the sheet rock, pretty sure he can- but it really might be beyond him. Should be easy to match the molding at Lowes and I think some of Steven’s wood outside from that man should be enough to replace the flooring that’s missing.
  • Oh, and there is a lot more room in the small bathroom since the toilet is not there anymore.  The same with the kitchen, you won’t believe how much more room there is in there without the island! Yeah, I just got out my little burners from the trailer and they work fine!
  • We really are enjoying the dining room as a ball room and the chandelier looks great in your room over the bed. Just remember when you come back not to sit up too fast in the middle of the night! Your closet looks so much cleaner without your clothes that Patti took! I think you will enjoy the feature of getting to the washer and dryer from your own bathroom now.
  • I am just sorry that the shelves that Steven put up in the barn didn’t hold, but his car should be back from the body shop by the time you get home.
  • Bonnie has become very protective of her new home in Ebenezer (the hollow tree) and she still has not allowed us to see her pups. The rabbits all look so cute running around the yard chasing the chickens! Seems to have cut the chores down quiet a bit.
  • Oh and we didn’t know that the forge could start up on its own, you won’t miss that part of the barn anyway.
  • We managed to get all the boys beds into the girls room so they don’t interfere with our bedroom explansion. Jim is pretty sure the wall was not a bearing wall….fairly certain, I think the increased lean on the hall door way would have happened anyway.
  • Steven likes to show off his attic so he will appreciate the used spiral staircase we found, it makes it so much easier to get up and down, and you won’t miss the stairs coming upstairs anyway. We just follow Joseph’s path up the roof to our room. The kids will really like it! Not sure about Stef, but her room isn’t there anymore anyway!  So for her, we pulled the trailer a little more forward and connected it to the ball room. The windows are pretty big, she should be able to climb through.
  • It was exciting, Jon wanted to show us how his guns worked, especially his ar-15, but because it was so cold out we just used the hall way, you won’t believe how accurate he is!!! He was able to hit the front door key hole from the back hall way! Well….most of the time. By the way, where did Steven get that replacement glass for the front door?
  • The fireman didn’t make so much of a mess the day of the woodstove fire. I told Jim he shouldn’t use gasoline in his pipe to start the fire! Mine was saved I got it really fast before they came in with their axes! All to say, our party on Friday should be a great open air kind of party!!!

Gotta go now, the crews have arrived from Extreme Makeover!

Glad you are enjoying your quiet and relaxation, hope it continues!!! Love and miss you! Mama
For the record…when we came home my house looked beautiful!
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