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Health / Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Many of you have met MamaMo through her heartfelt posts here on our site.  What some of you may not know is that she has struggled with Celiac for  many years. After she was reduced to eating baby food, the Lord had her directed to research the then not very well known Celiac disease.  She has mastered the art of gluten free eating for a long time now and has been very blessed by improvement in her health through that.  Since that time, we have seen over the years a rise  (or at least a rise in awareness) of gluten intolerance in our country.  Even for those that are of impeccable health there are so many unanswered questions.  For there are a variety of opinions on what is healthy for our bodies to consume in regards to grain and breads.

Should we soak our grains or avoid them all together?  Which grains are better?

I would like to introduce to you, Vintage Remedies and tell you about the exciting release TODAY of Jessie Hawkins new book Vintage Remedies Guide to Bread.





From the back of the book…

Research reveals that bread provided between 53% and 75% of the daily intake for ancient civilizations. It nourished and literally sustained many generations. Yet bread is now considered to be unhealthy and is even harmful for many. Ever wonder what happened?

Explore the truth about one of our oldest and most loved dietary staples in the Guide to Bread. In this eye-opening book, Jessie Hawkins explains how scientists have produced wheat bread using ancient methods that is gluten free and safe for celiac patients, how specific additives and alterations have been directly linked with the rise in gluten intolerance, and why the real solution to bread isn’t found in freshly milled wheat or soaking grains. You’ll also learn how real bread can help alleviate what the World Health Organization calls the most common nutrient deficiency, why most store bought gluten free foods are unhealthy, and how you can produce your own healthy, real bread – effortlessly – in your own home!


Jessie has generously agreed to giveaway a free copy of Vintage Remedies Guide to Bread.  I am so excited to bless one of my readers with this new book!  So have fun!  (And remember some of the entries you can both today and tomorrow!)

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