Waiting for a Child to Bloom

Family, Heart Talk, Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Thursday, May 24th, 2012


“Look Mama! It finally bloomed!”

The peony. It is a magnificent flower in all its beauty, but it takes years for it to get there. Like
everything, it starts out as a tiny seed and then grows into a sturdy looking plant. Over time though, if
one did not know to patiently wait, they might grow discouraged.

“Where is that bright colorful bloom we were promised upon purchase?”

It is different in different geographical situations but sometimes it can take as long as three years!

Patiently wait.

Sometimes this is what we must do with the child’s heart in which we are agonizing over.

We pray. We cry. We hope, though we are tempted to lose hope. We must not lose heart. It may last weeks. It may
last years, but we must remember the One who is in ultimate control.

We must stay steady in the reading of the Word and keep trusting in what it says. We must do our job
as a parent and trust the Lord with the rest.

We cannot take personal offense.  We must realize the enemy is up to his same old work.

We have to be strong when our child is weak. Sometimes all we can do is pray.
Sometimes the Lord will have us do more. Sometimes He whispers, “Be still”.

In this stillness we love, we affirm and we draw close even when our nature wants to push away.

We must also remember that sometimes He leaves us feeling like there is nothing left we can do so
we will let go. Let go and….patiently wait.

So when one day we wake up, something new is before our eyes.

It is splendid and magnificent and only He can gather the glory for it.

It is our blessed child’s heart. The one which we prayed, cried and hoped for.

“Look Mama! It finally bloomed!”

Tina has been blessed to be married to the love of her life for fifteen years, is Mama to 10 beautiful children on earth with many more sitting at the feet of Jesus and is a daughter of the Almighty King! She tries to live her life every day in the belief that the children gifted to her are blessings from the Lord. You can read more of her writing in her blog, A Gentle Mother. Her writing is a reflection of her heart. The kind of wife, mother and child of God that she is striving to be each and every day. She doesn’t always succeed, yet she knows the Lord knows her heart, and He isn’t finished with her yet! She has experienced many joys and has encountered many dark valleys on this narrow path as she journeys homeward. There has always been one thing that she knows for sure…the Lord has never left her alone.


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