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Family / Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

As I mentioned yesterday (Jewels By Julia), encouraging our children in creativity is so important in this technological age.  And let’s face it…

What boy does not love DUCT TAPE!?

When I was at the Teach them Diligently conference this past year, one booth that was very popular was a magnet for our creative boys.  Funneling that seemingly boundless energy that our boys seem to have Warfare by Duct Tape takes the  history lessons that we are seeking to pour into our sons and boy’s natural love for battles and combines them in their great ebook with tons of  instructions for hours of creative learning and play.

As sited on their website:

[box]Warfare by Duct Tape specializes in e-books that teach you how to create your own duct tape weapons and armor with detailed, step-by-step instructions, patterns, and pictures, and also include information about the thrilling game of duct tape warfare. Chivalry, rules of the game and even ransom money are discussed, along with battle strategies and best of all, historically-based designs for your duct tape creations. [/box]

Over at Warfare by Duct Tape you can choose from:

  • The Battle Book which is your overall instructions for weapons selected from a wide variety of cultures.  (You will learn how to make the basic Sword, Shield, Spear, Throwing Axe and Battle Axe along with two styles for creating duct-taped helmets).
  • The Greco-Roman Book
  • The Barbarian Book
  • The Armored Glove Book

And if you head over to Warfare by Duct Tape website you can download a FREEBIE- The Throwing Axe Booklet

I am happy to say that Warfare by Duct Tape is offering a discount for my readers for 3 days only…

Simply enter the code: KNIGHT and receive 10% off all titles.  This is good for 3 days until midnight on 7/19/12.

Get ready for some hilarious and profitable fun!


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